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JD Edwards Meets Machine Learning: The Citizen Data Scientist

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As consumers we are exposed to AI every day. From your Netflix recommendations to your Google Maps route, the intelligence behind these uncannily accurate predictions is powered by machine learning algorithms and predictive models.

A new role that Gartner refers to as the “Citizen Data Scientist” is emerging in the business. At the core of this role is an innovative trend called augmented analytics. This new paradigm uses automated machine-learning algorithms and models to help augment human intelligence throughout the full data management, BI, and analytics processes.

In this fascinating glimpse into the future of business analytics, David Kettinger, Data Analytics Consultant at Preferred Strategies, describes how prevailing business analytics tools, such as Microsoft® Power BI, incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities that are integrated seamlessly with JD Edwards using Preferred StrategiesTM QuickLaunch.

David discusses insights that can be gained from a common JD Edwards infrastructure with:

  • AI-enabled data preparation
  • natural-language query and generation
  • automated advanced analytics
  • smart data visualization.

Watch this video to see how business users can leverage machine learning to gain unbiased insights into the future of their business with sophisticated algorithms—at a fraction of the cost of traditional data science initiatives.